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Naples, FL 34113

President's Message

Welcome to the East Naples Civic Association Web Page!

I am honored to write to you as your new incoming 2016 East Naples Civic Association president. I was first introduced to ENCA 11 years ago by Bob Murray (a past president of ENCA). At our breakfast meeting Bob told me that if I was planning to do business in East Naples that it would be a great idea to become a member of the ENCA due to the major involvement ENCA has to all that is East Naples and beyond. Well Bob was right and I am proud to have been a member since that meeting 11 years ago.

The East Naples Civic Association is a terrific long-standing and well respected civic organization who truly has the best interest of East Naples residents and business at the forefront of our mission. We should all be proud to be a member.

East Naples has started to really take shape and is not the East Naples of old. People are moving here by the hundreds and business are expanding and opening all over East Naples. We have our own hospital, State college, municipal airport, regional library, shopping & dining options and much more. The positive press about East Naples is abundant and with the help of ENCA we look for foster and enhance that positivity into the future.

Over the next year we will look to strengthen the organization thru community involvement, scholarships to East Naples students, and membership growth. In doing that we would love to hear from you, our membership, as to what are the important issue close to you and or the community where you live.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your 2016 East Naples Civic Association President and we as a board look forward to serving the community of East Naples in order to continue to make it a wonderful place to live and do business.

As a reminder we are only as strong as our membership.  Please refer a friend, neighbor or colleague to become a member of ENCA.   Wishing the best to you and your families for 2016.     

Best Wishes,

Christopher Shucart

ENCA President

Mission and Goal

The Mission of the East Naples Civic Association is to promote the development, improvement, beautification, and general welfare of East Naples.

The East Naples Civic Association provides a voice to the public and the government on local issues in East Naples. The Association provides scholarships to outstanding East Naples students.

Get Involved

The East Naples Civic Association wants to improve our community. Whether you are an individual, an association or a business, your membership in the East Naples Civic Association will make our voice stronger. One strong community voice will make our membership effective and successful in planning the future of East Naples. With that same strong group behind them, any member can establish a new committee to take up an issue. The East Naples Civic Association can influence County Government, the East Naples area falls into four Collier County Districts, involving four County Commissioners.

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