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President's Message

Welcome to the East Naples Civic Association Website!

I am honored to write to you as your incoming 2019 East Naples Civic Association President. 

My family came to Collier County in the late 1920s, both my granny and mom graduated from Naples High School when it was the only one in the county. I’ve lived in East Naples my whole life and am a product of Collier County Public Schools, Florida SouthWestern State College (previously Edison) and am finishing my Master’s Degree at Hodges University. 

We live in such a special place. With charming neighborhoods, thriving businesses, vibrant cultural landscape, and natural wonders. East Naples was born out of innovation and disaster after Hurricane Donna devastated Everglades City and changed the future of our small-town county forever. 

Unlike other small-towns, we have continued to retain what makes us unique. With a roaring local economy we are rising full of promise; the future could not be brighter. New communities are springing up and we are growing with all the ability to be a great place to work, live and play. Our students soar to new heights at some of the best schools and superior higher education opportunities. The Bayshore Arts District continues to grow with new businesses adding more color to our community. 

We will always face challenges, but I know we stand together and ready to take them on. We can accomplish anything that we set out to do. My goals are to strengthen membership, work with the county to cultivate a Community Development Plan, and continue to increase communication by building stronger connections with neighborhoods, nonprofits, businesses, and other local leaders to forward our mission into the future. 

I look forward to this opportunity to serve! 

Jacob W. Winge
ENCA President

Mission and Goal

  The Mission of the East Naples Civic Association is to promote the development, improvement, beautification, and general welfare of East Naples.

  The East Naples Civic Association provides a voice to the public and the government on local issues in East Naples. The Association provides scholarships to outstanding East Naples students.

Get Involved

  The East Naples Civic Association wants to improve our community. Whether you are an individual, an association or a business, your membership in the East Naples Civic Association will make our voice stronger. One strong community voice will make our membership effective and successful in planning the future of East Naples. With that same strong group behind them, any member can establish a new committee to take up an issue. The East Naples Civic Association can influence County Government, the East Naples area falls into four Collier County Districts, involving four County Commissioners.

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